Djani is coming from Lund, Sweden . He began his journey with Karate and other martial arts during his young age, there he began to get  interest in the deeper meanings of stillness and meditation.  From there he moved on to the more softer Qi gong and went into deeper studies of philosophy in the Chinese and Indian teachings. From there he found out that it is all about Body , Mind , Soul. So he went deeper into the study of Yoga and Ayurveda  two old systems from India witch gives a whole and total view of the mind body concept.. Today he teaches at www.sydsverigeyoga.se/     https://www.medborgarskolan.se/
And he gives consultations and practical approach toward the ayurvedic concept of living. 

In the yoga concept he gives a traditional approach toward a tradition wich have strong connection to the tantric tradition and yet with a modern approach . The saying is that you don't have to change anything in you're life right now. Just ad yoga and meditation and then you just have to `Trust the process ` the change is coming slowly by it self.

His approach trough life is trough philosophy and getting inspired from modern thinkers as Paul Brunton, J.Krishnamurti and the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. All of them spoke about the one thing all thinkers ask them self  `Who am I or What am I.


 Vata (air and space - "wind"), Pitta (fire and water - "bile") and Kapha (water and earth) that is the  the three doshas.

According to Ayurveda, it seems these three principles are for the regulation of the doshas. They are important for health, for when they are in a more balanced state, the body will function fully, and when unbalanced, organs will be affected negatively. Ayurveda believes that every human possesses a unique combination of doshas.

We all have a part of all three doshas in us. The goal is to get the whole person - body, mind and spirit into balance. And it is to restore balance not only in order to heal diseases, but also to achieve the perfect health.


Diagnosis is done in different ways. The patient's constitutional and temporary permits are analyzed with the help of thorough questioning, observation, pulse diagnosis, palpation, eye diagnostics, fragrances, etc.

I use different herbs that speeds up the healing process. The herbs are free from artificial additives and chemicals.

Then the client himself is working with different therapies that I recommend. That  can be like, changes in diet and various yoga and meditation exercises.


You always think of meditation as a system to hold you're thoughts or to think of nothing. To stop thinking is something wich never stops. But how we choose to watch the thoughts and that witch disturb us in our surroundings , that is something we can work with. Many people mix up concentration and meditation. Concentration is the pre-stage to meditation one can say. Concentration have many different methods to work with like Tratak(to gaze upon a flame)or watching you're breath going in and out when you breathe. You can focus on you're nose tip trough gazing. Or watch the breath going in and out trough both nostrils or one nostril at the time. Antar Mauna or Inner stillness is the stage between concentration and meditation.

Meditation is when you can sitt for a longer period and just watch what is going on in you're self and you're mind. It can start with 10 min and go up to 1 hour. But the important thing is the preparation , to be able to sitt in a comfortable pose and with a straight back . If you then sit on the floor or in the chair is upp to you. Buy the time you will find you're way and what suits you. On a meditation course we will teach you the basics and the poses to get you a good start and preparation for you're meditation.
Djani Unic